Instead of cleaning up the mess after the leak, prevent the leak.
Plan ahead. Call The Plumber.

Prevention is the best cure for plumbing problems.

After 25 years of plumbing in the SD and WY, we know it's easier to prevent plumbing disasters than to help in the aftermath.

That's why we've put a together preventative maintenance plan. Each includes an exhaustive inspection.

We report the overall condition of your household plumbing; it helps simply to know what's going on.

Next, we give you a list of specific plumbing concerns. We sort urgent plumbing problems from the problems that can be dealt with down the road.

Lastly, we break everything down by cost.

Investing in prevention saves money in the future.

Most of you won't ever have an epic water leak that destroys your belongings, but prevention comes in many forms. Maintaining your water heater and water softener could save you thousands in energy consumption. Upgrades make life easier.

Most water damage can be prevented.

Keeping your belongings safe and dry might be as simple as having your appliances and pipes tested for leaks. We pressure test, dye test, and check all the connections to make sure you don't have any trouble brewing.

Appliances last longer if they're maintained.

Keep your water-using appliances longer with regular inspections. A professional will notice small things that will shorten the life of your appliances or decrease their energy efficiency. Water heaters, for example, must be drained annually to avoid sediment buildup. If you hear rattling noises, chances are you have mineral buildup that's damaging the element and tank of your water heater.

Save $25 on a water analysis through 3/31/2022
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