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The Plumber is a small shop in Belle Fourche, SD, with . Our goal is to make people happy by doing excellent plumbing. We love: solving problems, transparency, good workmanship, timeliness, and the USA. We've served the Black Hills area since 2008.

About the plumber

Meet The Plumbers.

Photo of Mike Lindberg of the Plumber.
Mike Lindberg

Mike loves to dig into plumbing (and other) issues and solve them. He has eight kids and several grandkids and plays frisbee golf when he gets the chance. Mike has been a plumber since 1995.

Photo of Jack Gustafson of the Plumber.
Jack Gustafson

Jack loves to learn new things. He's a family guy who likes to go camping and generally spend time outdoors. He's been a plumber since 2010.

Coming Soon

We're gathering pictures and bios of the rest of our team! You'll see Layna, Brody and Kase here very soon and learn a little more about them.

We'll be considerate of your schedule and your space.

We won't waste your time or leave a mess behind.

We won't make you wait.

We don't take on massive projects that could keep us from being available on short notice. We won't ask you to hang around for hours and wait. We call when we're on the way, so you'll know when to expect us.

We'll leave your space at least as clean as we found it.

We use shoe coverings and treat your place with the respect we'd show as guests.

We'll take care of your plumbing problems.

You do you. Call The Plumber for the plumbing.
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